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Development and Economic Relations Institute Director and Co-Founder of Young Entrepreneurs Club Koktyshev in his “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Kazakhstan and Central Asia” seminar briefly mentioned the difficulties entrepreneurs are facing and ways to find solutions to these problems. As Young entrepreneurs club he provided information regarding their activities which includes organizing educational seminars, providing financial support and introducing entrepreneurs with each other through “Business Tuesdays” gatherings.

During his presentation he described their mission as to grow a generation of outstanding entrepreneurs for the prosperity of global society and their goal as to create discussions in order to find mechanism to solve the barrier problem for entrepreneurs. Koktyshev stated that entrepreneurs often require assistance on financial support issues because most of them do not have enough information to search alternative funding sources for their business. As an example he mentioned that there approximately 50 different funding sources which government provides to entrepreneurs but only 4-5 of them are well known. In this context Koktyshev expressed that non-monetary assistance to entrepreneurs is not enough where government provides 120 billion tenge as subsidies but from this amount only 3 billion tenge is divided for providing information and education to enterpreneurs.

At the end of the seminar participants exchange opinion on the topic.

Tags: Entrepreneurship, Kazakhstan