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The meeting started with the presentation of the Director of the Eurasian Research Institute Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nevzat Simsek, who provided information about the activities of the ERI. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nevzat Simsek pointed out that the purpose of organizing seminars, conferences and meetings is to provide opportunities for cooperations between Eurasian scholars on doing further researches. In his speech Assoc. Prof . Dr. Nevzat Simsek stated that being a research center, which was established abroud, ERI should have a difference from the other research institutes in Turkey. This difference lies in the fact that ERI have opportunity to closely cooperate with the academicans of the Eurasian region and benefit from the possibity to look at the regional issues from their point of view.

During the meeting Akhmet Yassawi University Board of Trustees President Prof.Dr. Osman Horota stated that the establishment of the Institute aimed generating the academic knowledge, which could not be produced by academic circles in Turkey due to language barrier and geographical distance. In addition to that Prof.Dr. Osman Horota declared the desire of the Eurasian Research Institute to organize an Economic Forum in cooperation with Ministry of Economy of Turkey for combining experience of the academics and governmental officials in the sphere of real sector of economy.

At the end of the meeting Deputy Minister of Economy of Republic of Turkey Mr. Adnan Yıldırım stated that over last 10 year the relations between Central Asian countries and Turkey showed improvement comparing with the end of the XX century, but still the economic relations needed further development. During his speech Mr. Adnan Yıldırım also gave information about the various activities, which was support by Minister of Economy of Republic of Turkey in different areas. For example, Deputy Minister noticed the ME provided financial assistance for several Turkish Universities in order to help them to take part in All-Kazakhstan International Education Fair, which was held in Almaty on February 27, 2015. Furthermore, Mr. Adnan Yıldırım shared his opinions about the cooperation possibilities between the Institute and Ministry of Economy of Turkey.

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