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Job Description

The Eurasian Research Institute (, established in Almaty, is a research center of the Akhmet Yassawi University. The institute announces job openings for a position of “Research Fellow” in the following departments: Economics, Finance and Energy Studies; Politics, International Relations and Security Studies; Social and Cultural Studies.

Deadline for a job application: October 15, 2017

Main requirement: Master’s degree

Detailed job description: ERI offers a 1-year contract based full or part time position. Candidates are required to conduct research projects on behalf of the institute and publish the results. Project themes may cover a wide range of research areas such as economics, finance, energy, politics, foreign policy, security, regional integration and cooperation with external state actors, environmental and technological development, language, religion, philosophy, history, culture, art and social sciences related Kazakhstan, Turkey, Eurasian region or world. We hope that the salary will fulfill your expectations.


Master’s degree preferably in the fields of Economics, Finance and Energy, as well as Humanities and Social Sciences fields;

Must have publications in academic journals;

Excellent writing skills with demonstrated ability to quickly prepare publishable-quality manuscripts;

Fluency in at least one foreign language.

Qualified candidates should email:

a) Cover letter describing academic and work experience for a “Research Fellow” position

b) Sample English publication

c) CV with the list of publications in English language

d) Copy of a Master’s degree Diploma

e) Preliminary ideas for research projects

in pdf or doc formats to the following address: