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Visiting Research Fellows

Positions are available for foreign visiting researchers starting from the 1st of February 2016. Candidates interested in the position should prepare a project proposal to be researched at the Eurasian Research Institute of the Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

A brief description of the program and the documents needed are given below:

1. Application deadline: December 31th, 2016

2. Duration of the fellowship: One month to one year (starting from February 1st, 2017).

3. Qualifications and other requirements:

(1) To be a faculty member who has a doctorate degree or is enrolled in a Ph.D. program outside the Republic of Kazakhstan. (2) To submit an interdisciplinary project which is related to historical, socio-cultural, political and economic structures of the Eurasian countries and/or the Turkic-speaking countries. (3) Not to receive a fellowship from any other institution to conduct his/her project, (4) All issues related to the military duty should be resolved for male visiting research fellows, (5) Not to live in Kazakhstan at the time of application, (6) To send the application form to the Institute by an e-mail or apply on the website of the Institute between the dates specified in the website. The following documents should be attached to the application.

4. Documents needed:

(1) Application form (Annex 1),

(2) Curriculum vitae (CV) of the required format. Please use the attached format (Annex 2) in developing the CV and ensure that the details of the whole period of your studies and work are indicated, without any gaps.

(3) Certificate of highest degree obtained, or a document confirming that the applicant is a doctoral student,

(4) List of books and other publication. This part is very important for evaluation of the candidate by the selection committee.

(5) A clear but concise write-up of the research plan to be executed by the candidate at the ERI.

(6) A copy of the passport,

(7) Information on military duty,

(8) Two letters of recommendation. (One is from your host faculty member and the other is from the Director or the Head of the Department of the parent institute),

(9) A project proposal (1 page) and a full proposal for the research project . All the documents should be send to institute mail

See detail in following links:

General Information about the Visiting Research Fellowship Program The Eurasian Research Institute (ERI) of the Khoca Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University operates the visiting research fellowship program for foreign academics. Senior scientists actively engaged in the Eurasian Region researches are encouraged to apply. The general information about the program is given below.

1. Definition: Visiting foreign research fellows are scientists of outstanding research achievements who would participate, on full time basis, with the Staff of the ERI in planned national and international projects in the fields such as economics, finance, energy, international relations, security, transportation, technology, education, culture, art, language, religion, philosophy, sociology, political science, history, archeology and environmental protection.

2. Duties: A visiting foreign research fellow will be required to complete the project between the dates indicated in the project and submit it to the Institute. After the peer review, the project is published by the Institute in either electronic or printout version as a publication of the Institute. If the project is published in any other way, it is necessary to specify that the project has been prepared with an assistance of the visiting research fellowship from the Institute.

3. Contract duration: The period of employment could be from one month to one year.

4. Remuneration, Travel expenses The amount of fellowship appointed to visiting research fellows in the course of the project can not exceed the amount determined by the Board of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey according to the regulations of the “Principles and Procedures for Support to Lecturers and Researchers Sent Abroad For Training Purposes and the Other Issues.’’ It is $ 32 per day in 2015. The fellowship payment period starts with the implementation of the project and ends with the finalizing of the project. The initial payment is made as an advance. The following payments are made at the end of each month. Travel expenses of the visiting research fellow (economy class tickets) for the first visit to Almaty and the final departure to his/her own country (only if the period of contract has been completed) are reimbursed, provided that the cost does not exceed the amount indicated in the “Principles and Procedures for Support to Lecturers and Researchers Sent Abroad For Training Purposes and the Other Issues” and upon presentation of documents confirming travel expenses. Travel expenses for family dependents are not paid. The visiting research fellowship is valid for the current academic year and it cannot be transferred to another academic year. No copyright fees are paid out for the project carried out in the framework of the visiting research fellowship program. The visiting research fellow may be granted additional payments for participation in research activities, supply of academic sources, acquisition of necessary materials, field, ground and other similar expenses only with the amount indicated in the research project and the project budget. A financial support can be given for participation at scientific activities in/outside Kazakhstan except at their own countries. In order to have this financial support, the scientific activity should be directly related to the topic of the project and the application to the activity should be submitted not later than one month before the date of the activity. In these circumstances, travel costs and costs of participation may be covered by the Institute.

5. Facilitation of visa for Kazakhstan: The ERI would need the following documents from the candidates in order to arrange a certificate that will facilitate the issuance of the visa to Kazakhstan to candidates in the country of their employment: (1) Photocopy of the passport (2) Certificates verifying the current employment position (3) Two photographs (4×3 cm). An authorization certificate will then be sent to you, on the basis of which, the Kazakhstan Consulate in the country of the current residence of the candidate would issue the Visa to Kazakhstan.

6. Invitation and other procedures: Once the application of a candidate has been approved, based on the evaluation of the documents provided by the candidate, a formal letter of invitation will be issued by the Director of the Eurasian Research Institute. The invitation letter would spell out the terms and conditions of the assignment including the position offered, period of assignment, title of research to be conducted, and the entitlement for remuneration and travel expenses. Once the visiting research fellow arrives at the Institute to take up the appointment as per the invitation issued by the Director, a contract will be formally signed between the candidate and the Director outlining the terms and conditions already mentioned in the letter of invitation, and the obligations of the two parties. The contract will be prepared in the four languages (Kazakh, Russian and Turkish and English) and one copy of each will be retained by each party.

Annex-2 Visiting-Research-Fellow_CV.doc, Visiting Research Fellow_Application Form.docx, Visiting Research Fellow_Principles and Procedures_ENG.pdf