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  • Current Trends in Higher Education Development in Russia

    19.07.2017 | E-Bulletin | Education | 111 Gulnar Nadirova

    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has undertaken several educational reform measures in order to find the balance between the Soviet legacy and Western model of higher education. Starting from 1992, numerous reforms have been made in the Russian higher education system with the aim of making the tertiary education system more flexible, more variative and less centralized in order to meet demands of the new market system. However, due to the significant governmental budget cuts, huge brain drain and poor management that took place in the 1990s the Russian higher education system has faced a sharp decline in both qualitative and quantitative parameters.

    Tags: Russia, Education, Culture


  • Senior Research fellow

    Gulnar Nadirova

    Nadirova Gulnar Ermuratovna graduated from the Oriental Faculty of Leningrad State University, in 1990 she defended her thesis on the Algerian literature at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, in 2006 doctoral thesis - on modern Tunisian literature at the Tashkent Institu