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  • Developments in China’s Railway Diplomacy

    09.02.2018 | E-Bulletin | International Relations | 79 Omirbek Hanayi

    In recent years, China’s overseas high-speed rail (HSR) projects have been of great importance for shaping the country’s new diplomatic strategy, namely, railway diplomacy, which has become a new form of Beijing’s foreign policy along with ping-pong diplomacy, panda diplomacy, and energy diplomacy. The high-speed rail projects, which are carried out in China’s neighbors and other foreign countries by means of technical, financial and economic support, reflect both short-term and long-term geo-economic and geo-strategic goals of China.

    Tags: China, Railway, International Relations


  • Junior Research Fellow

    Omirbek Hanayi

    Omirbek Hanayi is a research fellow in the Eurasian Research Institute at H.A.Yassawi Kazakh Turkish International University. In 2009 graduated from Minzu University of China Faculty of Kazakh language and literature.