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  • Foreign Direct Investments in the Economy of Kyrgyzstan

    05.10.2016 | E-Bulletin | 339 Ayca Simsek

    During the last few years, the economy   of Kyrgyzstan has grown due to the significant increase in gold exports and trade with the neighbouring countries. Although the economic recession in Russia led to a decline in the demand for Kyrgyz goods, which caused a reduction in non-gold exports of the country in 2015, economic growth rate increased from 3.6% in 2014 to 7.3% in 2015. Especially the structural reforms and the public investment program implemented by the Kyrgyz Government have signifi- cantly contributed to the high performance of economic growth.

    The structural reforms include the following: the implementation of public sector reform road map, which was adopted in Мay 2014. This road map identifies the policy actions to  increase the coordination in anticorruption activities between the government agencies, to revise the system of public services and  to establish a more professional man- agement  in  energy  and  mining  sectors.

    The implementation of a new pro- curement law that meets international standards. This law has been enacted to remove loopholes in public procurement and decrease opportunities for corruption. 

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  • Visiting Research Fellow

    Ayca Simsek

    Hayal Ayca Simsek was born in Izmir Turkey in 13 January 1973. She completed her primary education in Karsiyaka Cumhuriyet Primary School and her secondary and higher educations in Izmir Turkish College.