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  • The Impact of Social Media on Education

    30.12.2017 | E-Bulletin | Education | 16 Gulnar Nadirova

    Social media is a series of websites and applications designed to allow people to share content in real time. Despite the prevalence of social media in everyday life, schools and universities have long hesitated to adopt social networks as an education tool. Until recently, many educational institutions prohibited access to social media during classroom time. Now, however, it is understood that for educational purposes any techniques, methods and tools can and should be used, including the methods and possibilities of social media. After gaining trust as a source of information, social media had come to be seen as a platform where educational organizations can interact with the audiences. It became obvious that the developments of social networking could be adapted for improving students’ life and increasing their achievements. Using social media gives students the opportunity not only to receive useful information, but also to communicate with educational groups and systems that make education more relevant to the current and future needs of a modernizing world.

    Tags: Social Media, Kazakhstan, Education


  • Senior Research fellow

    Gulnar Nadirova

    Nadirova Gulnar Ermuratovna graduated from the Oriental Faculty of Leningrad State University, in 1990 she defended her thesis on the Algerian literature at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, in 2006 doctoral thesis - on modern Tunisian literature at the Tashkent Institu