• The Influence of Jadidism on the Kazakh Enlightenment

    19.04.2017 | E-Bulletin | History | 246 Erkin Baidarov

    The main feature of the historical development of the Russian Empire in the late 19th and early 20th century as a multinational state was that the bulk of Muslims of the Russian Empire were Turkic-speaking people. The idea of the "unity in faith" was closely intertwined with the set of ideas including common features of the Turkic people and their common history. Since Turkic-Muslim people of the Empire did not have equal economic and political rights, it became necessary to protect their national interests via consolidation. 

    Tags: Kazakhstan, Culture, History, Jadidism


  • Senior Research fellow

    Erkin Baidarov

    Erkin Baydarov is a senior researcher in the Eurasian Research Institute at H.A.Yassawi Kazakh Turkish International University. In 1995, he graduated from the Department of History at National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek.