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  • The New Model of the Chinese International Diplomacy: the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Case

    07.12.2016 | E-Bulletin | International Relations | 270 Azhar Serikkaliyeva

    In more than thirty years of reform and implementation of open economy policies, great changes have taken place in China. With the country’s high engagement with the world, it became obvious that China did not isolate itself from the global developments. The rapid growth of China’s economy and the country’s growing ties with the rest of the world necessitates the development of new concepts and approaches in the Chinese diplomacy. China’s emerging role in the international arena triggers a change in current international political environment and causes further rebalancing of multipolar system. Therefore, strengthening multilateral cooperation with the other regional powers and international organizations provides suitable atmosphere for development of China’s New Diplomacy.

    Tags: China, International Relations, Diplomacy


  • Junior Research Fellow

    Azhar Serikkaliyeva

    Azhar Serikkaliyeva graduated from China Studies Department of the Faculty of Oriental Studies in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 2008.