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  • The SCO Free Trade Area Project: Problems and Prospects

    11.03.2017 | E-Bulletin | Economy | 226 Azhar Serikkaliyeva

    Currently, the regional economic integration has become one of the main conspicuous issues in the global economy. In the recent years, the number of the free trade regime agreements signed between developing countries with transition economies and developed countries has rapidly increased. To date, the number of various agreements on regional trade regimes, which passed the World Trade Organization (WTO) notification, have already reached 199. After joining the WTO, China has been actively participating in the process of regional economic integration. The Chinese Government considers the free trade areas as a new platform to further opening up to the outside world and speeding up domestic reforms, as well as particularly an important supplement to the multilateral trading system. 

    Tags: Economy, SCO, Economic Cooperation


  • Junior Research Fellow

    Azhar Serikkaliyeva

    Azhar Serikkaliyeva graduated from China Studies Department of the Faculty of Oriental Studies in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 2008.