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  • Women in Academic Science: The Case of Kazakhstan

    13.10.2017 | E-Bulletin | Education | 78 Gulnar Nadirova

    One of the most important objectives of achieving gender symmetry is ensuring equitable representation of women and men in leadership positions in academic science. In order to understand the current state of progress in gender quality in Kazakhstan’s academic science there is a need to overview the available statistical data. According to the National Report on the Status and Development of the Education System of Kazakhstan prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science’s Information-Analytic Center in 2016, there is a stable tendency towards feminization of the teaching profession at all levels.

    Tags: Gender, Kazakhstan, Academia


  • Senior Research fellow

    Gulnar Nadirova

    Nadirova Gulnar Ermuratovna graduated from the Oriental Faculty of Leningrad State University, in 1990 she defended her thesis on the Algerian literature at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, in 2006 doctoral thesis - on modern Tunisian literature at the Tashkent Institu