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  • Development of Hydropower Sector and its Impact on Energy-Environment Nexus In Central Asia

    17.11.2017 | Reports | Environment | 59 Oktay Tanrisever, Halil Burak Sakal

    This research project is a combination of a comprehensive desk study and a field research on the environment and energy nexus in Central Asia. This final report seeks to produce rec- ommendations based on experiences and needs of the people of the region, supported by a fieldwork and in cooperation with the partners from inside the region. This report is com- posed of seven sections. After the first introductory section, the second section summarizes the scope and objective, and the third puts the research question and the methodology. The fourth section gives a summary of the approaches in the literature that assess environment and energy issues, including the nexus approach, and the interrelationship between the nexus and politics and economics. The fifth section outlines the major problems in Central Asia that can be assessed through the lenses of environment-energy nexus. Then, the sixth section explores the main approaches to address these problems on three levels, which are state-level, regional level, and international level. Finally, the seventh section provides a short conclusion and some policy recommendations for the stakeholders

    Tags: Central Asia, Environment, Energy