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  • Industrial Concentration in Kazakhstan

    11.06.2015 | Research in progress | Economy | 986 Kanat Makhanov

    This study presents an examination of regional concentration levels of individual industries in Kazakhstan during the period from 1990 to 2013. The empirical analysis is based on regional data at 2, 4 and 5-digit level disaggregation levels. Our findings reveal no explicit pattern of concentration or dispersion applicable for all industries. However, our results indicate that there a considerable difference in concentration levels of industries of different knowledge intensity. Particularly, industries with low knowledge intensity show relatively low spatial concentration, whereas industries with high knowledge intensity appear to be highly concentrated. During the sample period, oil and gas industries have become more dispersed. Our finding also suggest that there is a slight pattern of dispersion among industries with medium knowledge intensity and utility industries.

    Tags: Economy, Industralization, Kazakhstan


  • Junior Research Fellow

    Kanat Makhanov

    Kanat Makhanov is a research fellow at the Eurasian Institute of the International H.A Yassawi Kazakh-Turkish University. He holds a BA in Business Economics from the KIMEP University from 2012.