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Deputy Director

Aidarbek Amirbek

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Aidarbek Amirbek completed his bachelor degree at Department of International Relations in the faculty of Economics and Public Administration in Selcuk University. He graduate from Political Science Department of International Turkish-Kazakh Khoca Akhmet Yassawi University with his master thesis named “Priorities in relations between Kazakhstan and Turkey after Cold War” in 2008. Received his PhD degree from International Relations Department of Social Science Institute in Gazi University by completing his PhD thesis named “Comparative Analysis of Near Abroad Policies of Turkey and Russia: Case of Central Asia” in 2014. During his academic career he published numerous scholarly articles and 4 books on foreign policy, security, international organizations and geopolitical issues.

Research Interests: Integration of Turkic speaking Countries, Central Asian policies of Turkey and Russia, Security challenges in Central Asia