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Junior Research Fellow

Dinara Taldybayeva

In 1983, born in South Kazakhstan region city of Turkestan. In 2000, Taldybayeva entered in Akhmet Yassawi International Turkish Kazakh University economy faculty department of International Relations. In 2004, she graduated with International Relations specialization and in 2005 started to work at the same department as secretary. In 2006, she continued to work as lecturer. In 2009, she won the Akhmet Yassawi University Board of Trustees scholarship for postgraduate study at the Gazi University department of International Relations. In 2012, Taldybayeva completed his master degree with his dissertation on the topic of “Integration Process in Turkic World: Impact of bilateral relations to the process”. In 2012, she continued to teach in Akhmet Yassawi University as a lecturer. From July 2015, she started to work at the Eurasian Research Institute as a researcher in the Politics, Foreign Policy and Security group. Her research interests include integration in Central Asia and Eurasia, integration of Turkish speaking countries and regional security.