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Kanat Makhanov


September 28, 2017, 15:00

The Eurasian Research Institute invites you to participate in the Economy, Finance and Energy Studies Seminar titled “The Euriasian Economic Union: A Trade-Based Vision” by Kanat Makhanov on September 28, 2017. 

The Eurasian Economic Union is currently the largest integrational project to be realized in the Post-Soviet area. Although there are many similarities and processes that are used as arguments favoring the integration, there are also many fact discrepancies acting as centrifugal forces in the process of integration. The political will and regional interests of the member-states can act as binding forces, yet in the long-term perspective real economic relevance and benefits from integration are indispensable.

The seminar intends to analyze and assess the Eurasian Integrational Process from point of view of Trade using certain measurement techniques and making references to other regional integrational projects through the prism of international trade, which makes the very essence of the project.