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Zhengizkhan Zhanaltay


October 12, 2017, 15:00

The Eurasian Research Institute invites you to participate Politics, International Relations and Security Studies Seminar titled "The Invisible Force of Central Asia: Remittance Flow Dynamics" which will be held on 12 October 2017 by Zhengizkhan Zhanaltay Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director of Eurasian Research Institute.
Each year millions of Central Asians migrate abroad looking for job opportunities due to different economic conditions. For many of them one of the most popular destination is Russia due to visa-free regime, higher salaries and knowledge host country language. According to statistics these people send back 30-50% of their revenues back home and this amount in total consist significantly large sums equilavalent to 5-30% of the country's gdp. Therefore, remittance transfers plays an crucial role for both households of the labor migrants and countries of the region like Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In this seminar the dynamics of remittance inflow to Central Asian countries and current developments in the Russian labor market will be discussed.

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