• The Eurasian Research Institute Announces Job Openings for “Research Fellow” Positions
    Deadline for a job application: October 31, 2020 Main requirement: Master’s degree or Doctoral degree Detailed job description: ERI offers a 1-year contract based full or part time position. Candidates are required to conduct research projects on behalf of the institute and publish the results. Project themes may cover a wide range […]
  • The Eurasian Research Institute Announces Job Openings for “Senior Research Fellow” Positions
    The Eurasian Research Institute (, established in Almaty, is a research center of the Akhmet Yassawi University. The institute announces job openings for a position of “Research Fellow” in the following departments: Economics, Finance and Energy Studies; Politics, International Relations and Security Studies; Social and Cultural Studies. Deadline for a job […]
    The Eurasian Research Institute of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University invites research projects that has no investment budget and has a capacity to contribute to the scientific and technological, economic, social and cultural development of the Eurasian region in prescribed format on one of the following topics. The Pipelines […]