Zharmukhamed Zardykhan

Zharmukhamed Zardykhan

Senior Research fellow

Dr. Zardykhan had completed his Ph.D. dissertation in 2007 at Bilkent University on Pan-Islamic appeals and Holy war propaganda in Ottoman-Russian confrontation during the First World War. He holds two MA degrees from Bilkent University and Central European University. His primary research interests include Eurasian history, Middle East Politics, International Security, Ethnic and Religious conflicts, nationalism and identity formation, and he had published in several prominent journals including Middle Eastern Studies, Asian Ethnicity and Central Asian Survey.

Staff's Publications

March 28, 2021

Central Asia at the Crossroad of the Vaccine Diplomacy Rush

As it turns out, the political and economic potential of the vaccine, especially its instrumental role in foreign policy, were duly notices from the early days of its invention in the late 18th century. What would be more striking throughout history, though, was the peacekeeping, rather than confrontational, effect of […]
January 17, 2021

Kazakhstan Responds To Recent “Territorial Claims”

In the early days of December, as the entire nation of Kazakhstan was preparing to celebrate the 29th anniversary of independence amidst the fears of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictive measures it might bring in, the blatant statement by a Russian Member of Parliament had severely […]