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The Role of Globalization in Facilitating Inclusive Education in Kazakhstan

This paper seeks to answer the central inquiry question: what is role of globalization on facilitating inclusive education in Kazakhstan? This exam paper aims to explore how the globalization process brought the notion of inclusive education to Kazakhstan and further on how global forces shaped/modeled it. Specifically, this paper analyzes […]

A Comparative Study of Teacher Attitudes toward Inclusion in Kazakhstan and Turkey: A Literature Review

Teachers and teachers’ positive attitude are argued as playing a considerable role in implementing the inclusive education successfully. Developing and maintaining a positive teacher attitude towards inclusive education has become an important policy  agenda for many countries in the world. This is especially true for the Eurasian countries of Kazakhstan […]

Development of an Evaluative Framework for Supporting Critical Thinking Skills Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Interfaces: Building a Conceptual Framework

The realities of the 21st century requires learners to take active position in solving problems which humanity faces every day. The rise of extremism, military conflicts, racism, nationalism, poverty and ecological disasters are among the sharpest problems needed to be solved by cooperative efforts worldwide. Moreover, another reality represented by […]

The Steering of the Higher Education System in Kazakhstan: The Perspectives of Autonomy in Universities

The marketization and neoliberal trends have called Kazakhstan to pay greater attention to the issue of university autonomy. Thus, the topic of university autonomy has been studied rather intensively. However, most of the studies mainly concentrated on the future perspectives of autonomy and formal tensions between the state and HEIs, […]

Security Issues of the Caspian Sea Region

In the context of global security challanges that spread across the Middle East and North Africa dramatically reshaping the geopolitical landscape of the region more than anything else demonstrated the importance of ensuring  international and regional security. The newly unstable security environment has created an array of challenges for Eurasia […]

Comparative Analysis of Russian and Ukrainian Gas Transit Powers

With increasing demand for natural gas, pipeline infrastructure started playing even more important role for transit countries in the Eurasian gas supply chain. High degrees of interdependence that pipelines entail succeeded to prevent long-term gas supply disruptions in the region. It, however, could not discourage energy actors from causing short-term […]

Turkic-Arabic Cultural and Linguistic Contacts in the Mamluk Period (ХІІІ-ХV Centuries)

History has preserved a significant amount of ancient Turkic, Uighur, Oguz, Kipchak-Bulgarian written monuments, which were created in the vast territory: in the Middle East, in Central Asia, the Volga region, in the Crimea, in the Caucasus, etc. They are written in different scripts (runic, Uigur, Arabic and Latin) and […]