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Eurasia Outlook 2018: Economic, Social and Political Perspectives in Eurasia

Since 2015, the Eurasian Research Institute (ERI) has been issuing weekly e-bulletins that contain analytical articles on a wide range of topics related to political, economic and social developments in the Eurasian space, as well as the news block that covers recent activities in the region. As demonstrated by the […]

Energy Security Policies of the Central Asian Countries: Hydrocarbons and Electric Power Sectors

The Central Asian countries’ energy sectors were built during the Soviet period and designed without concern for what are today national borders. The resource sharing mechanism ensured the security of the Central Asian Energy System (CAES)—reliable and stable energy supplies to meet the needs of both the people and the […]

Eurasia Outlook 2017: Economic, Social and Political Perspectives in Eurasia

Over the last three years, the Eurasian Research Institute (ERI) has been preparing weekly e-bulletins that provide readers with the timely and reliable analysis of recent developments in Eurasia. The analyses, which are prepared by our experts and, in some cases, by external experts, are appreciated by various academicians, specialists, […]

Eurasia Outlook 2016: Economic, Social and Political Perspectives in Eurasia

Recent political and economic shifts following the global financial crisis of the last few years triggered further rise of Eurasia, which has become a geopolitical symbol that indicates full transition towards a multipolar world. The rise of the Eurasian countries has gained greater global political and economic importance causing significant […]

Economics and Politics of Energy in Central Asia and Caucasus

Central Asia and Caucasus has always been economically powerful regions throughout the world history.However, in the beginning of 21st century, Central Asia and Caucasus with its high oil and natural gas reserves regained importance and these countries have attracted attention with their high economic potentials. It seems that the energy […]

Eurasia Outlook 2015: Economic, Social and Political Perspectives in Eurasia

Since the beginning of 2015, we, the Eurasian Research Institute decided to prepare weekly ebulletins to evaluate the important developments in the Eurasian region and to share these e-bulletins with the readers. The analysis which have been prepared by not only the experts of our Institute but also the experts […]

Long Run Evaluation of Crude Oil Prices: Structural Breaks, Long Memory or Nonlinearity?

Crude oil is such important energy type that forecasting its prices both in particular and in other types of energy prices in general over time has been widely discussed in the literature. Under the Hotelling modelling tradition, much of the controversy is linked to this choice of a stochastic process […]