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Each person is constantly changing. To-day we are not the same as yesterday, and this happens not by chance, but under the influence of various factors – the environment, education, the people with whom we interact, the information that we receive daily from various sources. Views, values, thinking are changing, […]

Current Developments ın Kazakhstan’s Insurance Market

In many developed countries, insurance is one of the important strategic sectors of the economy. The financial strength of insurance companies can turn them into the most powerful financial lending institutions. In general, insurance market assessment is based on the volume and growth rate of real insurance premiums. Another equally […]

The First Freight Train Traveling from China to Europe via Turkey

On November 6, 2019, the Chang’an freight train of the China Railway Express Company (CRE), an important tool of the Belt and Road Initiative, reached the destination in Europe using Istanbul’s Marmaray subsea tunnel. The CRE freight train departed from Xi’an, China, traveling through the territory of Kazakhstan with ferry […]

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: Lessons from Kazakhstan

There were high expectations in the international community that the second Trump-Kim summit held in Vietnam in February 2019 would be a turning point in the nuclear disarmament of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) eventually leading to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.   4 Views / […]

Foreign Economic Policy of the Eurasian Economic Union: The Case of Free Trade Agreements

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is not only seeking to promote trade between its member states, but also paying much attention to foreign economic policy by signing free trade agreements (FTAs) with third countries. In this context, the EAEU signed an FTA with Vietnam, an interim trade agreement with Iran, […]

Future World Energy Outlook and Global Oil Industry

September 2019 was marked by a an important milestone in the global oil industry when oil and gas stocks’ weighting in the S&P 500 fell to the record low in 40 years since 1979. Exxon Mobil, one of the major oil companies, fell out of the top ten stocks of […]

Transport and Logistics Potential of Turkistan Region

Transport and logistics infrastructure re-mains a priority on the agenda of Kazakhstan’s economic development. Currently, there are several projects and programs for the development of transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan, which are being implemented in the border regions of the country.   1 Views / Көрулер / Görüntüleme / Просмотры

Key Directions of Tajikistan’s Current Foreign Policy

Central Asia is undergoing significant changes in terms of international relations. The leader-ship changes in the region that may lead to the transformation in regional dynamics coupled with the shift of interest of major powers to-wards the East, especially to Central Asia, are examples of this.   7 Views / […]

Enlargement of the Turkic Council: Opportunities and Perspectives

Since its establishment, the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (Turkic Council) has played an important role in developing political, socio-cultural, trade and economic cooperation among the Turkic speaking countries. As it is known, the Turkic Council was established by the Nakhchivan Agreement, which was signed in October 2009 at […]

The Belt and Road Initiative Agricultural Projects in Kazakhstan

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), first announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Kazakhstan in 2013, is a continuation of China’s integration with the international community as well as a new pattern in the Chinese economic and foreign policies. With the implementation of the BRI, China seeks to remove […]