November 9, 2020

Influence of PISA on Educational Systems: Global and Local Dimensions

There is a considerable number of various international rankings that measure different intercountry variables, such as GDP, levels of political freedom, and others. However, one of the basic and most fundamental factors that influence economic, social, and political conditions is education. Among many educational tests available for the international community […]
July 11, 2020

Reflections on the 70th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences

February 22, the National Academy of Sciences held a general meeting on the 70th anniversary of its foundation, to which Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, was invited, and for the first time in recent years, the general university community – teachers and professors of universities of Almaty were present […]
April 27, 2020

Social and Cultural Infrastructure of Turkistan Region

The key indicators of the socio-economic development of Kazakhstan affect the living standards of local people in different parts of the country. In this regard, the state of social and cultural infrastructure in the regions has not yet been fully addressed. Accordingly, the measures taken within the scope of the […]
February 5, 2020

Asya Avrupa No: 48

Değerli Asya Avrupa okuyucuları, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Üniversitesi’ne bağlı Avrasya Araştırma Enstitüsü olarak her ay yayınladığımız ve dört dilde (Türkçe, Kazakça, İngilizce, Rusça) içerik barındıran haber analiz dergimiz Asya Avrupa 48. Sayısına erişmiş bulunuyor. Her zamanki gibi bu sayımızda da, Enstitü uzmanlarımız, Avrasya gündemini yakından ilgilendiren pek çok konuyu dikkatinize […]
January 29, 2020

Achievements and Shortcomings in Translating Kazakh Literature into Foreign Languages

Literature is a great tool that shows rich culture and spirituality of the people to the world com-munity. However, since the independence of Kazakhstan, the issue of translation and printing of literary works in the Kazakh language has not received much attention. On the one hand, it was caused by […]
January 24, 2020

New Education Models: Cooperative Universities

Education, being a key industry in ensuring the development of society, remains an area of the constant search for alternative models and new technologies, some-times moving away from classical versions for the sake of a dramatic increase in its efficiency in achieving results.   13 Views / Көрулер / Görüntüleme […]
December 25, 2019

Social Media and Language

Each person is constantly changing. To-day we are not the same as yesterday, and this happens not by chance, but under the influence of various factors – the environment, education, the people with whom we interact, the information that we receive daily from various sources. Views, values, thinking are changing, […]
October 20, 2019

Islamic Studies Continue to Develop

On October 1-6, 2019, the III Forum of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Scholars on “Islamic Intellectual Thought in the CIS Countries: Past, Present and the Way Forward” was held in Istanbul [IIIT, 2019]. The forum was jointly organized by Azerbaijan Public Association ‘Idrak’ and the International Institute of Islamic […]
October 10, 2019

Shaping the Future

September 11 this year, the results of the World University Rankings 2020 were published, providing information that gives some stability to the academic community and the hope that higher education in the world is still developing in the global environment, overcomes crisis phenomena with more or less success, and affects […]
September 30, 2019

A Date that cannot be Undone

Reading is one of the most useful human skills, which makes it possible to acquire and create knowledge; the reading process is easy because it is quickly mastered by almost every child, and difficult because it involves increased work of consciousness, intelligence, soul, if we talk about reading as a […]