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Eurasian Research Journal Volume 1, No. 1

Eurasian Research Journal is a refereed journal of international standards aiming to publish scientific articles in a wide range of fields including economics, finance, energy, international relations, security, transportation, politics and sociology in the Eurasian region that covers the territory from the Balkans to Mongolia with particular focus on Turkic […]

Petrolization, Financialization as Sources of Wage Differentials in Kazakhstan

According to the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the average monthly nominal salary in the fourth quarter of 2018 in Kazakhstan totaled 176,050 tenge ($465.7). The statistics revealed that the highest salaries were registered in the extractive sector where the average monthly salary is 390,400 tenge […]

Main Geopolitical Risks for Eurasia in 2019

If the end of a year is a reason to sum up, the beginning is an opportunity to try to understand what might happen in the near future. Making any predictions is always a risk, but they allow to outline the range of key events that require close attention. Moreover, […]

India’s 2019 Elections: What to Expect?

In April-May 2019, India, the world’s largest democracy, will experience its 17th national elections, thus midway through the pre-election race it would be interesting to overview the ongoing competition of the major parties and expectations of the electorate. Given that India, with more than 815 million people eligible to vote, represents […]

Istanbul’s Cultural Treasures

Concern for the complete and accurate reconstruction of the history of nations generates a particular interest in ancient and medieval manuscripts, in which this history is recorded. The proclamation of the value of knowledge and written monuments, the establishment of norms of languages and graphics and their high prestige, the […]

BRI and SINO-Russian Relations in Central Asia

Nowadays the Russian-Chinese relations have become strategic, which is due to a number of developments: the deep crisis in the Russian-U.S. and Russian-EU relations and, against that backdrop, a pivot to the East announced by Moscow. This format of relations between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Russian […]

Asya Avrupa No: 36

Değerli Asya Avrupa okuyucuları, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Üniversitesi’ne bağlı Avrasya Araştırma Enstitüsü olarak her ay yayınladığımız ve dört dilde (Türkçe, Kazakça, İngilizce, Rusça) içerik barındıran haber analiz dergimiz Asya Avrupa 36. Sayısına erişmiş bulunuyor. Her zamanki gibi bu sayımızda da, Enstitü uzmanlarımız, Avrasya gündemini yakından ilgilendiren pek çok konuyu dikkatinize […]

EFE-2018 Book of Proceedings

Intellectual capital is seen as a vital strategic asset in the 21st century that contributes to firm performance and value creation. In the new “knowledge-based” economy, which began to develop in the 1990s, intellectual capital rather than physical capital has emerged as a significant factor in terms of potential future […]

Global Arms Race: Forecast for 2019

The continuation of the military-political confrontation between Russia and the United States in 2019 increases the risk of the beginning of a new arms race and the collapse of the international strategic arms control system. A possible return to a Cold War style full-scale nuclear and missile race would inevitably […]

New Migration Flow Trends to Europe

The civil war in Syria has caused one of the greatest migration flows since World War II and forced more than 13 million people to leave their homes. Among them, around 6.6 million have relocated within the country, while over 5.6 million have sought refuge in neighboring countries, with 3.6 […]